Critical issues presentations/The do's and don't to have Wikidata uses accepted by your Wikipedian community

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The do's and don't to have Wikidata uses accepted by your Wikipedian community

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  • Sarah Coralie Potot
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  • Wikidata
  • Wikipedia
  • Community
  • Templates
  • Infobox
  • Guidelines

Templates using Wikidata have been used on the French Wikipedia since 2013 on a growing scale without any opposition or problems. However, in July 2015, a faulty template was created and massively added in articles; this caused many editorial problems. The community backlash was so important that any and all uses of Wikidata, including existing ones, were called into question. This included cases where returning to the previous situation is technically impossible.

How to explain clearly:

-what Wikidata is,

-what we are technically able to do right now,

-what we should be able to do in the future,

-what we can do but should not do,

-how to create guidelines on your project to integrate Wikidata properly,

-how to create maintenance categories and tools so we can monitor what we are doing,

-how to pool tools and templates across several Wikiprojects (using Lua for example)

This presentation won't really dwell on technical details but will approach the topic with a communities relations angle. I hope our Wikidata experience on the French Wikipedia will help others projects to integrate it successfully.


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