Critical issues presentations/Territoires de France : how to promote easy editing to a wide audience

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 113
Title of the submission

Territoires de France : how to promote easy editing to a wide audience

Author of the submission
  • Pierre-Antoine Lepage
  • Anne-Laure Prévost
Country of origin

France; France


Outreach, Projects, Technical

  • Editing for everyone
  • Territories
  • Local communities
  • Cross-wikis project
  • User-friendly interface

"Territoires de France" (Territories of France) aims to develop the "editing reflex" among a very wide audience : neighborhoods, villages, cities and so forth. By proposing to inhabitants, civil servants, cultural partners, librarians, school teachers, tourism officers and other enthusiasts a concrete set of actions.

How ? Through a search engine, supported by an open source website, stakeholders from our territories can assess the quality of articles related to one specific territory. Then, users are encouraged to contribute on a list of themes: economics, cultural heritage, local history, local life, arts...They can edit Wikimedia projects in many ways : taking pictures, answering quizzes, recording sounds and so forth.

In short, a new project to bring Wikimedia projects editing to a very wide audience, in a simple way :)


Not accepted