Critical issues presentations/Problems of Academic Vocabulary for Small Wikipedias

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 30
Title of the submission

Problems of Academic Vocabulary for Small Wikipedias

Author of the submission
  • Erdem Lamazhapov
Country of origin

Korea, The Republic of



  • Small
  • new
  • academic vocabulary

The problem of academic vocabulary is especially acute when it comes to Wikipedias with a relatively small number of native speakers. The purpose of this presentation is to identify ways in which Wikimedia users can look for solutions of this problem and use a comprehensive vocabulary in their writing. Since quality of articles is the principle aspect of successful Wikipedia, it is important to find solutions to this problem in a most efficient and practical way. This presentation is going to address mostly empirical issues related to editing on small Wikipedias for the use of their editors.


Not accepted