Critical issues presentations/Our drop in the sea of knowledge – How do we define impact in the broader Wikimedia context?

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 143
Title of the submission

Our drop in the sea of knowledge – How do we define impact in the broader Wikimedia context?

Author of the submission
  • Cornelius Kibelka
  • Nicole Ebber
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Germany; Germany


Governance, other, Outreach, Policy, Projects, Research

  • movement impact
  • impact measurement
  • discussion
  • outcome presentation
  • wikimedia conference 2016

Our movement is striving for the biggest possible impact on Free Knowledge, seeking to create impactful programs, processes, and support structures aligned with our shared mission. At the same time, “impact” is a term that we struggle with, and for which we lack a common definition. During the Wikimedia Conference 2016, we will have tried to gather the movement’s knowledge and experiences regarding impact with the aim to get a clearer image of what impact in the Wikimedia context actually means. We will have discussed questions like “How do we define the common impact of the movement?”, “How do we measure impact?” and “What programs have proven to be successful in terms of generating impact?”.

Based on the outcomes of the Wikimedia Conference 2016 [1] and the pre-conference days of the Wikimania 2016, we want to provide you with an update where we stand and, depending on the outcomes of the conversations, suggest a common definition for movement “impact”. We want to discuss with you what needs to be included and what we can achieve based on a common definition on “impact”. From that point, we aim to give you an outlook on the next steps and on the issues that still need a clearer definition and joint effort in the future. We’ll focus, especially, on the better ways to measure our impact.

This session description will be updated as soon as the documentation of the Wikimedia Conference 2016 is published [in May].


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