Critical issues presentations/Making use of all this media, the next challenge for Commons, GLAM and Wikipedia

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Submission no. 97
Title of the submission

Making use of all this media, the next challenge for Commons, GLAM and Wikipedia

Author of the submission
  • Jonathan Cardy
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Outreach, Research, Technical

  • GLAM
  • Outreach
  • Quality

The success in recent years of GLAM, Wiki Loves monuments and the mass uploaders of commons has given us an opportunity and challenge. We have a huge and growing backlog of media files, mostly images, that could be used to improve Wikipedia and other projects. We also have research indicating that illustrating a Wikipedia article doubles the number of readers.

At the same time we have a need for new tasks for new editors now that vandalfighting and typo fixing have largely been automated.

This presentation, based on direct experience of the presenter, covers such issues as:

What should one consider before adding images to articles in languages you do not know?

What are the hurdles in training newbies to add images to articles?

What can uploaders do to make their work more discoverable?

Is it safe to move from adding images to unillustrated articles to replacing bad images with better ones and how much better do they need to be before it is worthwhile.

What small IT developments would make this so much easier.


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