Critical issues presentations/How to build a Wikipedia movement of 1,600 volunteers within 1 months

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 213
Title of the submission

How to build a Wikipedia movement of 1,600 volunteers within 1 months

Author of the submission
  • Mustafa Almomani
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  • Content Enrichment
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Leaders With no Position
  • Power of youth

The presentation targets the youngsters either students or young professionals and people on charge, and everyone interested to build a movement either about the reliable content or in any related fields, for examples, young professional and students from all specialties will be benefited from this opportunity together with a help from their leaders and doctors in the universities.

As a cofounder of BilArabi movement, a movement founded in 2015 we have now more than 1600 volunteers and built more than 1000 articles within one month only, we would like to help other to reflect this experience in their countries.

Why we would bring this on the table,

the power of change is all about the people themselves, if we don't have supporters, leaders and volunteers the possibility to fail is high, building a movement of more than 1,000 volunteers is the true meaning of the power of change, but how to make this possible is the question that came to everyone's mind, out of our experience I will show how this will be possible, since where there's a will there's a way.


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