Critical issues presentations/How to Get Freedom of Panorama: Estonian Experience

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 67
Title of the submission

How to Get Freedom of Panorama: Estonian Experience

Author of the submission
  • Raul Veede
  • Eva Lepik
Country of origin

Estonia; Estonia


Outreach, Policy

  • Freedom of Panorama
  • Estonia
  • How-to

For more than a year now, Wikimedia Eesti has run a public campaign to establish Freedom of Panorama in Estonia. This campaign has been organized on three levels: media, educating the general population and creating a background for the other two; authors' organizations, leading direct discussions, alleviating the fears, acquiring support and valuable input from creators and users of public art; politics, explaining the issue to politicians who in the end are going to vote on the proposal. The situation looks promising now, our bill draft going out in close days, along with a public letter. By the time of Wikimania, we shall most likely have a final decision by the parliament. Whichever way it falls, we already have a lot of useful experience and advice for Wikimedia communities willing to run similar campaigns in the other countries, concerning the strategy, tactics, legal and psychological aspects of the effort.


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