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Free Radio project - How VOIP inspired a Radio interview show

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  • Francesc J. Fort-I-Silvestre
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I'm a wikimedian. One day a friend suggested me to make a radio show at the local broadcasting station. The idea was to make interviews. I suggested him to release all programs in a CC license with the intention of using them in Wikipedia. And he agreed. So, We did.

By January 2016, We have had near to 15 different programs. We have interviewed a wide variety of admissible people. And lots of writers, most of the interviews have been made to people who have written significant books (novels, essays, and even magazines).

Our pals in Amical Wikimedia enjoyed the story at our last meeting so... Why not to share our experience with all fellow wikimedians?

Making a radio program intended to be used in Wikimedia is not so easy. We must find preople to be interviewed (and they should be admissible!) We must make a script that allows us to expose his biography (no opinion! only exposition) and, of course, the interviewed person should say relevant things.

As shared in our Amical meeting, our community is happy with this project, and despite I had no initial intention to use it as a reference itself (but just like media inside the article), they suggested me to also use it as a reference... but maybe other wikimedians in other communities don't share this point of view. We can also talk about references and reliability. Wikipedia is an enciclopedia made by amateurs, so the philosophy behind the program is not very far away from it. But even that the radio show is not supported by Amical but made by one of his members... ¿Can We consider it an external source? ¿and what about the reliability? ¿Am I doing original research?

The point of the conference is not to show the project (it should be introduced, through) but to discuss How this project (accepted by the :ca-wiki community) can be implemented in other communities, and issues that could appear as a result of using as a reference in an aritcle this kind of programs. [Our community does consider it a reliable source, others could not].


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