Critical issues presentations/Development of scientific and educational collaborations via Wiki-project

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Submission no. 103
Title of the submission

Development of scientific and educational collaborations via Wiki-project

Author of the submission
  • Vadim Volochaev
Country of origin

Russian Federation


Research, Technical

  • data quality
  • peer review system
  • ranking's system

There is a description of the methodology for the most trustable articles writing and their including into the Wiki projects. It is possible to get the best experience from the well-known scientific journals. It would be possible to combine new technologies, open-source approaches and existing traditions. A peer review process (blind, double blind, open, and public-forum-like) is an advantage of the system especially in combination together with time-schedule discipline of the editors and the reviewers. A clear policy with respect of dependence between schedule agreement and ranks (editors, users, articles) will be definitely helpful as well.

On a basis of the authors and editors activity, a composite rank in all possible directions could be built: data quality (accuracy – a number of crucial errors were found by other users), total activity (a number of useful posts, comments, suggestions and their size in bytes), activity as an editor (a number of reviewed articles).


Not accepted