Critical issues presentations/Dataism vs/and Humanism. What Wikipedia will born in the future?

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Dataism vs/and Humanism. What Wikipedia will born in the future?

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  • Salvador Alcántar
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Currently there is a fashion that make emphasis in the use of data to improve and create content in Wikipedia. That fashion is a reflect of a modern world-spread cult to the data. Data is useful and is mining deep in our behavior as Wikipedians. The developing of tools as Ores and bot-created articles maybe will make unnecessary the help of humand hands.

On the other hand Wikipedia in it's own nature, as an enciclopedy, is the heir of a tradition of humanism coming from XVII century and before. Many Wikipedians work based on that idea. Actually, the beggining of Wikipedia and the appropiation of the project by the community lays mainly in a humanist feeling.

This interpretations of what Wikipedia is and does are starting to fight one against other.

My talk would be a philosophical reflexion about this two Wikipedia interpretations in conflict. And attempt of aware the community of what the future of Wikipedia could be if one of both understandings wins over the other and what if two work altogether. Can Wikipedia become a robot where community doesn't matter? The future Wikimedian will be only a feeder of hard data and not a reader and writter?


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