Critical issues presentations/Cuteness: a state of mind for shaping the future of the Wikimedia movement

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 198
Title of the submission

Cuteness: a state of mind for shaping the future of the Wikimedia movement

Author of the submission
  • Percy Plush
  • Petit Tigre
  • Russell Skunk
  • Erminig Pengaroo
  • Wendy Nco
Country of origin

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; France; United States of America; Australia; France; Israel; Belgium; Austria



  • cuteness
  • governance
  • plushies

The Wikimedia movement needs more Cuteness. Badly.

Recognising this fact, many Wikimedians have been active in the past few years to advocate for Cuteness. As plushies, we have been at the forefront of this endeavour − traveling to international events like Wikimania in order to shower attendees with Cuteness, raising awareness on the importance of our mission amongst community leaders. The postive reception we were welcome with, as much as the scale of the issue to tackle, led us to join forces under the Cute banner of the Wikimedia Cuteness Association − a prospective thematic organisation dedicated to foster Cuteness in the Wikimedia movement. We gained much momentum, recruiting many more supporters to our cause. And yet, every other day, every other e-mail and every little drama is a reminder that we still have a long, long way to go.

Our (foreseen) panelists will include:

  • Percy Plush − London, United-Kingdom
  • Petit Tigre − Toulouse, France
  • Shaxal − San Francisco, California
  • Nepomuk − Vienna, Austria
  • Erminig the Stoat − Rennes, France
  • Russell the Skunk − San Francisco, California
  • Wendy the Weasel − Brussels, Belgium
  • Pengaroo − Bologna, Italy

Building on their experience and cuteness, our outstanding panelists will present on the « state of Cuteness » − reflecting on what has been done and what still lies ahead. We will ponder how Cuteness can be a mean of empowement for movement members. Engaging with the audience, we will spark a discussion on how to keep Cuteness as a major trend in the coming years. Finally, we will discuss Cuteness as the ultimate key to the bright and glorious future the Wikimedia movement deserves.


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