Critical issues presentations/Choosing the chapter-elected Wikimedia Foundation board seats

From Wikimania 2016 • Esino Lario, Italy
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Submission no. 203
Title of the submission

Choosing the chapter-elected Wikimedia Foundation board seats

Author of the submission
  • Lane Rasberry
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United States of America



  • WMF board
  • election
  • affiliates
  • chapters

(the 2016 election for chapter-elected Wikimedia Foundation seats has not been scheduled. At present, I think that the voting might be scheduled during Wikimedia)

A neutral review is presented of the chapter-elected (also called affiliate-elected) Wikimedia Foundation board seats. This is timely because this Wikimania is within the voting period, and this is the only chance for the representatives of the 41 voting organizations to speak with each other in person.

We will avoid discussion of particular candidates. Instead, we will talk about the qualities of a good candidate and the ways in which a chapter can make a decision about good candidates to support. We will review the duties of a board member and the limits of what a board member can and cannot do.

Since there are only 41 votes in the election, and each vote is supposed to represent consensus among a community of voters, we will also talk about how to explain and advertise chapter elections, how to collect votes, and how to determine community consensus for the one vote that each chapter makes in this election.


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