Critical issues presentations/Actions, inaction, interactions and its effects of Developer community and Malayalam Language community

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Submission no. 50
Title of the submission

Actions, inaction, interactions and its effects of Developer community and Malayalam Language community

Author of the submission
  • Praveen Prakash
  • Akhil Krishnan S
Country of origin

India; India


Governance, Policy, Projects, Technical

  • Small language communities
  • Communication problems
  • Developer culture

The presentation is targeted to general users (esp. small language wiki users) and general developer community. I strongly believe that there are many communities feeling same ways as we. I hope other users and developer community can further analyze the issue regardless my point of view.

The presentation will try to cover the following topics:

  • General action/inaction of developers and general response of others as I understood from the community (through mailing list and/or other platforms). As being a small language community, our problems are often isolated and/or unique. This cause serious communication problems and/or negligence which often ended upon total misunderstanding. However, even this 'misunderstanding' were not properly communicated so it caused another set of problems such as everything perfect type attitude.
  • Unlike Latin languages, Malayalam consists of ligatures, which often defined by pre or post letters in a word. That Idea is difficult to understand for some people, which also cause large number of issues. Presentation would light some idea of the issue also.
  • Deploying solutions without enough study or by ignorance. There were situations that sabotaged wiki flow by deploying bad solutions.
  • There are unusable extensions deployed in Malayalam Language wikis. By theory, these extensions are pretty helpful but in reality they are totally unusable because of language related bugs in them.
  • Although there are bugs filed about the unusable extensions, recently there are many 'feature full' extensions were deployed. These extensions are generally heavy (on the browser side) and create serious load on poor bandwidth. They are also not much used by users.
  • Misinterpreting the bugs/requirement and provide 'solutions' based on such interpretations.
  • How complex scripts (eg: lua) alienated general users from editing templates.
  • How wiki culture is moving away from KISS principle and how it affects small communities.

As we know, small language communities getting even smaller. I personally know there are other Indian communities feeling same way as us. By sharing our experience and view it may help others to further analyze the problem and create a strong community. I hope this presentation will share some light to some technical problems we face as well.

Presentation will be arranged in slides. Arguments often associated with examples or samples. I like to add quote from bugs or general communication for further clarification of the points.


Not accepted